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The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

Risk management

Since 2008 and the outbreak of the global crisis, risk has become the most commonly used term in the business world. Up to 2008 it was rarely mentioned in view of the fact that all economic actors, on a wave of optimism and arrogance of success syndrome, totally neglected business risks. Today this issue is important not only for banks and other financial institutions that are subject to rigorous standards for risk management (e.g. Basel standards for banks), but it has become the key issue for companies in the real sector.
Today it is very important to identify risks, measure their impact on business results (the so-called risk budgeting) and define strategies, preventive and reactive, to treat the identified risks. Finally, companies realize that adequate risk management directly increases the value of the company. Today it is almost inevitable for companies to implement an integrated risk management system (Enterprise Risk Management – ERM).

Why Peterhof?

Our employees have extensive experience in setting risk management system in banks and companies in the real sector. We have a number of references in the field of introducing the ERM concept, setting up a system of credit and operational risk management and on proposing hedging strategies. Our basic framework is risk register which in a systematic way identifies, measures and treats risks. Risks are classified in several categories: market, credit, operational, liquidity and project risks. Risks are measured by using the risk matrix, by taking into account the impact of the risk and the likelihood of its occurrence. For identified and measured risks we define preventive and reactive strategies, taking into account the risk appetite, the current exposure level and capacity for risk.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Creation of Company Risk Registry
  • The introduction of ERM model
  • Models of credit risk management
  • Models of operational risk management
  • Definition of hedging strategies for market and currency risks