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Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

– Bethenny Frankel –


Practice has shown us that banks today are faced with enormous challenges in the area of risk management as well as management of numerous problem loans, but they also face obstacles in finding new healthy clients and providing efficient service for them. How to get rid of the ballast of problem loans and create a sound basis for a new, healthy growth?

Why Peterhof?

A member of our team has extensive experience in risk management, credit risk management and credit process for corporate clients, as well as the management of NPL (non-performing loans) in the leading banks in the market. By using this expertise, we can improve procedures, processes and practices related to the aforementioned areas.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

Risk management

  • Professional assistance in establishing a system for early detection of warning signals (Early Warning Signal System – EWS)
  • Establishing an adequate organizational structure in the risk management function
  • Creating the necessary procedures and internal regulations in the field of risk management (credit, market, operational)
  • Analysis and improvement of the system for managing collateral.

Credit processes

  • Analysis of the existing credit processes in terms of quality and efficiency
  • Improvement of credit process – development of improved procedures and guidelines
  • Assessment of the adequacy and improvement of credit analysis
  • Substantial improvement of control mechanisms in the process of loan approval.

Nonperforming loans management

  • Work on specific cases resolving NPLs (workout strategy and its implementation and modification, negotiating with clients and other creditors, etc.)
  • Analysis of the adequacy of the organization of NPL management
  • Making and assisting in the implementation of improved organizational chart and reward system within the NPL management functions
  • Analysis of personnel and assistance in the choice and selection of employees
  • Analysis and improvement of procedures for the management of NPL